Our team is comprised of dedicated and industrious architects, builders, food system specialists, financial analysts, and brand strategists.

Karla Rothstein and Salvatore Perry

Principals Karla Rothstein and Salvatore Perry, embody a balanced and broad foundation across design, academia, finance, and construction.  Karla Rothstein, design director at LATENT, is a registered architect and an educator, practicing in these intertwined disciplines for over twenty years. She is Associate Professor of Architecture in the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University, where she has taught graduate design studios for eighteen years. Salvatore Perry, development director at LATENT, is a registered architect with over twenty years of experience in the design and construction industries, working directly in virtually every trade involved in realizing a mid-rise building. His broad knowledge of building regulations, construction methods, and project sequence strategies allows him to cross boundaries of expertise to collaborate productively with professionals and builders of any discipline.

Latent Productions’ Team : Bridget Rice, Liz Stretch, Hajeong Lim

gWorks Investor + Advisor : Drew Fink                                                                      gWorks Financial Advisor: Dan Cooperman

LATENT Builds’ Team : Bob St. Pierre, Eric Conroe

LATENT Builds’ Team Members to date include : Joe Boucher, Steve Bleau, Charlie Frost

Marketing: The MP Shift                                                                                              Event Activation: The Laurentia Project